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a large number of acute diseases in man, and most of these be-
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eral diseases, in the following order : simple, continued, typhus,
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Alliance, the Torey Botanical Club, of a Pedestrian Club
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of Kings, of the Medical Society of the State of New York, of the
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themselves, but with their health far below par. Any misfor-
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hips. A month after the accident, a yellowish fetid leucorrhcea
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gery a specialty. Here, as in other places where he had
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reputation as an earnest and proficient practitioner and a careful
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went through six editions, was translated into the Ger-
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In regard to tyrosin, the secretary stated that Dr. Vincent had
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the Surgical Section, and at the Pan-American Medical
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"Leukotoric Factor in Llymphatic Leukeamia;" "Primary Cancers
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Mott, eminent in philanthropy, and Rev. Phoebe Hanna-
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often runs so gradual a course that the general condition remains at -least
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wounds^ shows itself especially hy peritoneal fades, dissociation
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of the risks in surgical interference, the dangers of infec-
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and Disease. Read before the California State Homoeopathic Medical Society
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Hospital, New York; in addition to which Dr. Caille is consulting
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Clement Henrotin, was also a physician, and practised
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Diet in Cholera. — We found the less of any thing given,
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Theory, experiment, and specially usually result from
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2d, That it belongs to that class of disease which we call
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Clark, of Newport, and commenced the practice of his profession in
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showing such lesions, abstained from all surgical inter-
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the society adjourned till the third Wednesday of February; at
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variola depends. We all believe that infectiousness is a condi-
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slight discomfort. His timidity preventing any further operation
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centuries have done work in science that has made their names for-
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terneship of much subsequent value to him. After completing his
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Remove this in a thin strip with a pair of curved scissors to a
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the Mechanical and Operative Treatment, vrith an Analysis of One Hundred and
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due to irritation that has influenced many parts of the cerebro-
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Tuberculosis Division of the same institution, and is consulting phy-
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in the bony structure which are designated as " foetal rickets," have probably
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one time was Professor of GynKcolngy in the Philadelphia
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glands. The chapters devoted to nursing and diet are exception-
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M.D., J. Lewis Smith, M.D., and others well known to readers
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several samples ; and this, it is hoped, our practitioners will pur-
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patient, a case of cholera infantum. The child died. In
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October 14, 1872. Rev. Howard Osgood, son of Isaac and Jane Re-
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it lakes the best of one's time simply to keep posted. In