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Oct. 31 -Nov. 5 Advances in Diagnostic Radiology and
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As the guns of World War II quieted, a “therapeutic
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constituted the Lumleian lectures delivered at the Royal College
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by Governor Hodges to head a new state initiative for
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vicinity, and it seems possible that these spongioles may ultimately
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medicine use in the United States, 1990-1997. JAMA 1998;
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20 or 30 of the bromide. It is now a well-ascertained fact, that
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tilage, but is connected to it by loose connective tissue, through
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actions are necessarily determined by antecedent motives, the law
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ceeding. Some recreation is absolutely essential. Those of you
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for healing to have taken place. If there should be any tendency
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times, of course, they are more obscure than I have described them,
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SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414; 612/626-7600 or 800/776-
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what we call hunger? When we remove hunger by filling the
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