to read before the section on practice of the New York Academy of
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present, causing emaciation, and the objective changes (pallor of skin,
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in the summer of 1896, he found but two which fulfilled all the
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.\l>ril. 1914, in which the writer referred to the fact " that each
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pressure by nitroglycerin, and possibly save your patient from
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many deaths. A little observation of the inner life of the
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the gastro-intestinal canal of an infant with summer diarrhoea, irriga-
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more, we fail to see it ; if he has any virtue unknown to the
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is introduced into the rectum, the patient being in the recumbent pos-
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patient, in the average attendants on these cases. All you
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into tubs of very cold water* or were wrapped in sheets and sprinkled
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till convalescence is Avell advanced. During the febrile period the diet
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which he had anticipated," and approved of its use.
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This simple procedure, therefore, illustrates the importance of pre-
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losis, is in its prevention. Personally, I believe the State
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get the lovely morning when the sun came out, giving us
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sleep quickly improved; the stools soon became painless, more solid,
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show the great success of the abdominal tourniquet, with no
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the diphtheria antitoxin is probably best known, for it has
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may register 108° or even 109° F. (42.7° C). A fresh rise Avith marked
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the temperature is below the normal curve throughout the entire or
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The following physiological facts, trite though they be, are of inter-
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clined to believe that ptomaines are alkaloids, the result of
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of danger. But in less than fifteen minutes he saw the number of the-
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In the course of one or two days after the onset we obtain physical
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ism do not yield to bark alone, but require additions of other
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Symptoms. — The main feature is a visible enlargement of the af-
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subjective symptoms and the characteristic sputa are present a correct
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stained and examined microscopically, when the pneumococcus will be
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is fully cinchonized — a condition that must then be maintained for sev-
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cus being merely a secondary factor, and Marmorek has been confirmed
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accessory nerve of Willis and the facial nerve. This effect lasted
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the ileo-caecal valve and irrigate the ileum. Among the best observa-
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Ordered continuous bath, 88°, when patient's temperature reaches 102.5°, till
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stantly failed, and I have found them only of avail in the treat-
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In matters of diet, we spoke of studying the individual in
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the capillaries produce a diminution of the blood corpuscles in the
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spent in idleness, dreading the coming of sunshine in the morning and of dark-
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pronounced, may easily induce stasis with dyspnoea, hemorrhages, etc."
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and sponge daily with warm carbolized water ; the local itching may
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fits of shivering. The characteristic features of the disease (enlarge-
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cases showed reg-ression of the exophthalmos, and in one-third of
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develop and prove serious" complications. These cases do well, gener-
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dark — and we have practised the best preventive yet recognized
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and Speech — Swedish Movements — The Bath — Electricity — The
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