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breadberry and water-gruel." This forenoon I asked a patient who
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Under present law, physicians assistants are certi-
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him. W^hen leaving the house he was struck down with fever,
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routinely offers the interferon-based therapy to his pa-
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shall best employ this powerful modifying agent in medical dis-
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and feels always chilly. Has no sexual desire, and has great lan-
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be set to music. There are too many discords, too many gaps, in the
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Submit two copies of illustrations, keeping one for your
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Raf fie T ickets. This year’s raffle item is a Spa Weekend in Charleston. The prize includes a two night
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Influenza is a common illness among working adults. It
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tagious diseases, he might suggest the propriety of an early confer-
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Mayo Foundation & Society for CardiacAngiography and
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Feb. 27- Mar. 3 Brain to Pelvis: 2000 — The Seventh Confer-
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With 19 hospitals and 53 clinics throughout Minnesota and western
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- Identify the five leading medicinal botanicals and
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tracheotomy offers less chances of success, since it is not permissible
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when he visited the Infirmary, and when atropine had been put
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fetid discharge, and in this case repeated inhalations of turpentine
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preceded by evisceration, and would therefore have been much more
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Kaufmann J: If These Walls Could Talk: How Not to Sound
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the violent action lasts, then add water, ounce by ounce, with constant agitation,
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welcome. “It’s enormously gratifying to see all you can
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from philosophical speculation is untrue, for in fact
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the great propagation to the loudness and roughness of the mitral
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either of excitement, depression, or loss ; the divisions of the other
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est degree of settling, which is felt to facilitate
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tion is, that with the differences of opinion held by Mr Strachey,
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forms are sent to authors at the time of publication.
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figures, or attach paper clips to them. If a patient in a photo
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observed it, nor have I read any detailed circumstantial report of its
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weight ; but if it is new, and therefore easily compressed between
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the stricture becomes filled with hardened faecal masses, while the