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Rotch’s “percentage” feeding method, with precise pro-

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by means of sphygmographic tracings and thermometric charts.

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storation of the body to its normal standard, the great difficulty of

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cells cost about $80 per 250 ml unit; platelets cost

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Committee, an Alphabetical List of all Students registered in the preceding

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a half years, and out of a population of 170,000. 1 in 8 is the pro-

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no season more forcibly than last spring. The depressing influence

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the cell-proliferation induced. This is due, unquestionably, to a

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Doctor, or Master, upon Candidates who have not graduated in Arts, or passed

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ing role. 4 ) The debate about fat and prostate cancer in

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Whatever be the theory of the action of chlorine in cases of

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The course of the primary or stem bronchi in relation to the

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the blood. I observe that Drs Fuller, Orichton Browne, and Dunlop

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fore beginning another — such as blood, soiled linen, clothes, limbs,

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