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inhalant abusers. The likelihood of violent behavior is

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Committee (ARC) had studied the area, on the alert to

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schedule. Contact: Medical Director at 612/985-8922 or

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chlorine into the blood ; in poisonous doses producing decomposition

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cine and the Social Fabric,” a course in which they looked

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fying the whole. It has been well said by John Reid, that "A man

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to regard insanity, has taken possession of the medical mind. We

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for their health behaviors, and different priorities in

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The Child Survival Project recently issued a report. Global

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States estimates that the number is in the hundreds of

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day, 26,000 victims a year. In addition to individuals’

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death, and that the T^th of a grain is capable of rendering non-

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Under this head we will consider only a part of the injin-ies to

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though never conveyed by fomites — that those affected by it have,

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• there have been severe cutbacks on issue and participation limits.

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as " rather weak and infirm " Again, she is described as gaining

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which occurred in the clusters of houses in the immediate neigh-

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and I noticed the diaphoretic, diuretic, and stimulant action of the

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awakened in the minds of friends of patients was such that the

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gives these three as the formulae, not of three substances only, but

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1245 15th Street North • St. Cloud, MN 56303 • Phone: 320/253-5220

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arrangements of certain nerves which proceed from it. Descriptive

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with squalor and disease. “I don’t golf,” explains the 63-

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and patient-centered. There just aren’t many people