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with in high grades of gastroptosis, and that due to adhesions be-

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for a week while away from the hospital and who suffered from a

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rhagic from time to time. The specific gravity ranged from 1012 to 1016,

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viously to the attack of inflammation which rendered them visible, and that they

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anterior surface of the lesser and greater curvature that we can

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is that through this treatment, as through no other to anything

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and edited by Alexander Tvveedik, M.D., F.R. S. &c. &c. Diseases

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different parts of the body," cause " litUe difficulty in arriving at the con-

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first injection, usually became manifest after a number of days.

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Opportunities for such observations, and especiall}' for monograplis of diseases,

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Tlie foregoing sentences contain many remarks Mhich, tliough very

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Admitted October 4, 1909. Duration of illness about two weeks. Was

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last dose of 500,000,000. The injections were given twice a week, increased

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Nevertheless the assertion of Fischler that it can originate in the

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suffered from tlie spasms of the bladder." Indeed he never uttered a groan,


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still open to debate, as evidenced by the fact that various author-

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producing all the symptoms of stone in the bladder, and even after

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From the extent of the depression and the actual presence of a foreign

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since ihe commencement of the complaint. The eyes are bright, active, and sen-

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This change in the condition of the tissues does not, however, if we un-

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eight months after the operation. No cadaveric examination, I un-

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painful area is revealed. There is also a dorsal painful area in the back,

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ing forceps. This being effected, the application of the potassa, followed by the

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In May, 1911, he complained of a sensation of constriction in the bottom

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{d) Foreign Bodies. The presence of a foreign body with parial

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able, they keep up continually a destructive reaction."

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suggest that they act primarily by altering the wall of the capillaries

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