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25. Diamond LK, Blackfan KD, Baty JM. Erythroblastosis fetalis

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beginning of growth in Aiken, and the area hospital

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A description has been given by Teichmann * of the lymph-

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fessor of Medicine and Family Medicine at the University

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before the English reader, and illustrated by excellent woodcuts.

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the Schizophrenia Program at the Medical College of

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outstanding schools, a variety of churches and a healthy

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and is found distending the alveolar wall. It is also accompanied

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be quite simple under favorable circumstances, when a positive history

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branes, and to caries of the vertebrae and lumbar abscess. Acute

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dietary ingredient acts to maintain such structure or

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movable by inflammatory softening of the surrounding tissues, when

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nine months by two or three weeks. She made a good recovery.

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of the irregular flap, cover the flap with a dressing, and send the

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forgiveness both of the Editor and the readers (if any ever get so far)

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thought that people were going to shoot me. Poison my

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ordered to have the back of his head shaved and blistered, which

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Miriam Karmel Feldman is a free-lance writer living in

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It is a matter of daily observation, that morbid alterations of

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tracing, where it seems to be possible, the connexion between dif-

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ever, both facet pain and sacroiliac joint pain are

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main office and hospital in Rochester, the Olmsted Medi-

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occasion sickness, and sometimes vomiting. Like most domestic

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have watched the sick-bed of a child without remarking the almost

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the Society the real meaning of the term " Labour," because I am

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infants and children six months of age and older who are

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Braithwaite's Retrospect of Medicine, Jan. R. Whitfield Hewlett, M.D., — The Baths of

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perpetual metempsychosis of thought, and the knowledge of to-day

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say how far the ignorance of the administrator was to blame.

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and/or TPAs should notify employees in writing by certi-