volunteer for the American Red Cross and Physicians

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to Minnesota Medicine, 3433 Broadway Street NE, Suite 300, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413.

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healing arts. We have seen physicians pitted against each other as never before. Our fight for survival, not

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gifted with a correct judgment and much speculative acuteness.

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scientific validation of their efficacy. The pharmaceutical

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28. Whitmore WF, Hilaris B, Sogoni P, Herr H, Batata

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Care Network was to allow patients the freedom to go to

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medicine’s historic vocation as a learned profes-

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instruments. They might be applied in almost any way, but the

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Mediche de Bologna, where a detailed account of this operation will

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according to circumstances. The first desideratum is to have the

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standard of living, and education. Full compliance with

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therapy involves six phases: initial high dose, taper

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rally recognised, and the recognition verified every session by the

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That Simpson had considerable knowledge how to use statistics,

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there are cases in which the pain was referred to the chest when the

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line treatment of choice. Bipolar, treatment-resis-

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the audit and paper trail of an accounts receivable system. We also wanted to

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In children the point of commencement of the bronchi is opposite

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of some unfamiliar deformity, incongruity, or discord, either in

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benefits for senior citizens and others as a part of Medi-