element in the sputum which reacts like this to the stain. This
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previously had warm water, with the same result. This
in the adult, except as a result of acute rheumatism
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refusal or revocation the applicant to have the right of appeal
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The following physicians constitute the Committee on Or-
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deeded over to the university .without conditions. Judge Truax
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Mr. Corliss made a report ; but the measure of the World's Fair
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Such an arrangement is scarcely feasible at present
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normal kidney can not be palpated through the intact
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in proper solution, as observed through von Fleischl's
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funds, several of which at least were eminently deserving.
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.of the cord is incomplete and where the symptoms of
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corded cases of primary sarcoma of the pancreas, oc-
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the animals used in establishing the diagnosis of some of the
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und Darm. mittelst der Qyromele (blegsamen revolver Sonde). Cen-
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marked, should scarcely be looked upon as an evidence of
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upon Pulmonary Hemorrhages," by Dr.' Sherman G. Bonney, Den-
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hematogenic glycosuria and diabetic deterioration, which he
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a suitable one; something which will hold a thin layer
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must then be applied to the poultice to produce cold and
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covered with thin strips of linen soaked in this cream. As
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ferent from mine inasmuch as he says that during the time-
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Intraperitoneal Bupture of the Bladder. Krabbel. — ^There
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Medical Association: 1. There is at present practi-
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medical profession, which is never and nowhere in favor
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132. Cervical Lacerations. — ^Harrison calls attention to
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greater or less extent to suit individual differences. Using the
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after the attack of infantile paralysis,, has reached its limit.
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claimed that this great saving of life was due solely to the
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was created; since then the American Climatological
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doubted typhoid fever, that at other times it appears
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suspension for retroflexion where the woman went on to the
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occur, because the soil is prepared for the seed, and our
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While at her place of business one day she expelled a
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An undescribed Abnormality of the Bile-Ducts. J. Clark Stewart,
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who, through misfortune, have become incapacitated, for
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in his report for 1899, recommended that the Congress
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painful and irreducible attitude. The sign is always a morbid
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smallpox were so slight that they were' no greater than
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during the past dozen jears to the bacillus, and the
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about von Hacker, as they are evident from literature. From
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1S48 a German investigator found the trichina spiralis in an-
of 1 per cent. Microscopically, very many pus cells were seen,
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those on the vomer to deflect the irritating blast of
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